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NLP Data Scientist

Warsaw / Remote

Company description: 

At Pathfinder 23 (PF23) we define our mission as #brandbuilding in #ecommerce

We strive to combine art with science and use creative and technological potential to design and implement the most efficient #pathtopurchase scenarios.

Our team has unique experience in delivering complex E-commerce projects in EMEA, NA, and LATAM. #globalecomm

Our combined experience covers cooperation with over 50 #topbrands and over 300 e-retailers globally. 

PF23 is part of Brand New Galaxy (BNG), an independent platform integrating smart business solutions from the areas of marketing and technology. #forthegalaxy 

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, will be:

  • Use NLP techniques to dissect, interpret, and manipulate unstructured data (e.g., customers’ reviews) aiming at extracting quick and valuable insights about shopping patterns and consumer profiling;
  • Tune and deploy NLP-driven solutions from identifying business problems to collecting training datasets, analyzing data, modeling, testing, and validating;
  • Research and evaluate innovative approaches to NLP problems;
  • Participate in code reviews to ensure all deliverables are high quality and production ready;
  • Collaborate with other team members on setting proper workflow, project documentation, and knowledge transfer.

What you’ll need to succeed:

  • Advanced level in Python
  • Expertise in Data Science Specializations specifically in  natural language processing (NLP):
  • Solid understanding of natural language processing (NLP) techniques and their math
  • Deep understanding of NLP techniques for text representation, semantic extraction techniques, data structures, and modeling
  • Experience in transformers, few-shot learning and attention model
  • Design of NLP applications and products
  • Experience in machine learning model lifecycle (from the development to the deployment)
  • Knowledge of tools and methods for model optimization
  • Hands-on experience in building and operationalizing machine learning models, including data manipulation, experiment design, developing analysis plans, and generating insights
  • A deep understanding and ability to explain to team members calculations and math behind selected MLP solution
  • Excellent statistical and logic skills
  • Ability to communicate fluidly in an English business environment

Big PLUS will be:

  • Strong knowledge of one or more data science or decision science domains (e.g. [un)]supervised learning, explainable artificial intelligence, deep learning, and/or optimization)
  • Deep knowledge of Azure Databricks, Azure Machine Learning
  • Experience in DevOps, Git

What makes this a great career opportunity?

As an NLP Data Scientist, you will shape the agency’s offering in the area of extracting insights from unstructured text data (such as consumer opinions, social media posts, etc.). Being a part of a dynamic team of NLP enthusiasts, you will have space to propose innovative approaches, and other teams in the agency will use your work results to build E-commerce brand strategies.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, however we will only process your application for one vacant position at a time. If you are unsuccessful for your first preference, we may consider you for your second preference (subject to business needs and requirements).

We would love to get back to every candidate who applies to our job posts. Unfortunately, due to a high volume of applications, at the moment, we only contact the candidates who we believe are a strong match for the role.

You are more then welcome to apply for any other position you find interesting. Although if your interview process for a particular role was not successful, we recommend that you give yourself some time to develop new skills and gain experience before applying again for the same role.

Whilst the recruitment process may vary in each entity, generally the process has two main steps:


  • Stage 1: Recruitment Team will review your application.
  • Stage 2: If successful, your application will then be considered by the Hiring Manager.
  • Stage 3: If your skills and credentials are considered a match, you will likely be contacted for a phone screening.


  • Stage 1: Phone screening: Our Recruiter will reach out to get to know you better and share more details about the position.
  • Stage 2: Interview: The Hiring Team will meet you through on-site or virtual interviews.
  • Stage 3 : Recruitment task : You may be also asked to prepare a presentation or take one of our tests focusing on aspects of your knowledge or abilities.
  • Stage 4: Feedback
  1. Take the feedback provided by the Recruiter into consideration – we always try to explain the reasons behind the decision.
  2. We also recommend that you give yourself some time to develop new skills and gain experience applying again for the same position.
  3. Follow us on social media to stay up to date with our open positions! Add us to your LinkedIn network and don’t shy to reach out!

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Please notify your Recruiter immediately so that they can let the interviewers know. Calling is usually the fastest way to reach us out but feel free to text or send an email.

Try closing the application and re-joining. If this doesn’t help, call, text or email your Recruiter immediately. We are there to help you!

We will very much appreciate if you inform your Recruiter that you would like to withdraw your application. It saves us time and you won’t be bothered by our calls and emails J

Usually it can vary from 5-10 business days.
However, if you need this information earlier best way would be to contact directly with your Recruiter or please drop us a message at our mail box: