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11 go-to-market brands

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We are leaders in a global advanced marketing and technological solutions, with world-class creative production at scale.

Our end-to-end capabilities are represented by 11 highly specialized & unique brands, 27 native languages, and a collaborative team of 600+ talents who can solve problems synergistically and fast – from ideation & strategy, to complex automation & tech implementations.

Team Members
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Amsterdam-based regional E2E Hub

Brand New Galaxy AMS is a regional hub providing the whole range of BNG’s services to clients in Western Europe. It offers and coordinates highly specialized and data-optimized solutions in E-commerce, Creative & Content Production, and Automation & Performance Improvement. Brand New Galaxy AMS has been operating since 2020.

BNG MEA logo

Dubai-based regional E2E Hub

Brand New Galaxy MEA is part of BNG established to drive commerce for brands in the Middle East & Africa region. BNG MEA delivers solutions that harness the group’s experience in creativity and technology to build brands and foster sales across channels. Dubai’s office consists of digital experts with international expertise in E-Commerce, Creative & Content Production, and Performance & Automation.

Pathfinder23 logo

Pathfinder 23 provides end-to-end E‑commerce solutions that propel brands around the globe.

Pathfinder 23 is almost 300 people strong agency, dedicated to brand activation in the E-commerce area. The agency provides end-to-end E-commerce solutions that power brands around the world. Pathfinder 23 connects top brands with consumers by their mission-critical services in strategy, design, localisation, implementation and maintenance, activation, and category management.

Synthrone logo

Synthrone is an E-commerce automation tool that empowers brands to achieve best-in-class online presence for commerce at scale.

Synthrone is an intelligent E-commerce engine designed for processes’ automation in content creation, delivery, tracking and analytics. Its mission is to guarantee the perfect product presence in every E-commerce environment and win the customer on the digital shelf. It allows to bring content live on every platform, get actionable insights, unveil distribution gaps, increase search share, and outperform competitors

content26 logo

Content26 creates Amazon content that improves product discoverability, and provides online shoppers with branded shopping experiences.

Seattle-based content26 has over 15 years of experience optimizing E-commerce strategies for consumer brands. The agency creates Amazon content that improves product discoverability and provides online shoppers with branded shopping experiences. Content26 is an Amazon Advertising partner agency that runs campaigns designed to maximize channel growth and return on ad spend. Key Clients: Unilever, Samsung, Lego.

Voyager logo

Voyager is an integrated E-business delivery agency.

Voyager offers a wide range of E-commerce and E-business related services, including E-Business consultancy, E-Retail Digital Media & Activation or E-Joint Business Planning support

SCX logo

Spacecamp delivers end-to-end multimarket digital solutions with all the advantages of global know-how and local market opportunities.

Spacecamp delivers end-to-end multimarket digital solutions with all the advantages of global know-how and local market opportunities. From start to finish, the agency knows how to bring things to life regardless of their complexity. SCX provides comprehensive digital services, including data analysis, strategy, concept, UX, design, and production.

New Gravity logo

New Gravity is a software house focused on supporting and improving transactional and promotional businesses.

New Gravity is a B2B2C technology provider that supports digital transformation in E-commerce, web & mobile, data integrations, and sales forecasting. New Gravity’s solutions include E-commerce apps, DTC & web platforms, mobile engines, business intelligence, ERP and WMS extensions, and data automation. 

Life on Mars logo

Life on Mars is a creative & production unit that crafts visual narratives for beauty and fashion brands in the E-commerce age.

Life on Mars is a creative crew fuelling fashion and beauty brands with innovative ideas. LoM makes them stand out. It’s set-up in a hybrid model that combines the capabilities of a production house and the thinking of a creative agency.

Robonauts pictures logo

Robonauts Pictures is a highly specialized product content production studio.

Robonauts Pictures uses the latest technology and a creative twist to make online consumers’ relations with a product comparable to a physical experience. Its unique methodology E-commerce RealFeel™ bases on table-top, high-speed, and creative modeling techniques to produce best-in-class photos, videos, and 360° images, taking digital interaction with any product to the next level.

Man on the Moon logo

Man on the Moon is a recruitment & talents agency that supports Brand New Galaxy.

Man on the Moon specializes in recruiting for E-commerce, Digital, and IT. It is finding the most appropriate talents for companies based in the EU, USA, and the Middle East, providing support to Brand New Galaxy and its employees. MotM has helped hire mar-tech candidates from 27 countries, speaking 29 languages.